All About Me


What to say about myself. First of all I want to thank you for stopping by. My blog isn’t too “exciting” but I’m pretty happy with it. My name is Britni and I am the blogger of “My K-Pop Love”. I am 25 years old and recently got a job. I am a Registered Nurse at a Nursing Home. I love my residents but I have a lot still to learn. I am the best nurse I can be.

I am not a small person in any means. I am plus sized and stand about 2 inches short of 6′ feet. I would describe myself as loud, fun, sarcastic and colorful. In college I was asked, “If you could be born in any time period, what time period would you pick?” It didn’t take me long to come up with an answer. I would have been born in the mid to late 70s, so I could grow up in the 80s. I loved the styles that the 80s had.

I’ve been into K-Pop a little more than a year. Big Bang was the first group that I listened to and it was all “down hill” from there. I mainly listen to male K-Pop groups. I tried to get into the female K-Pop groups but they didn’t appeal to me like the guys do. But little by little I am growing my album collection. I hope to have a “super” collection of albums one day.

But before I discovered K-Pop I discovered K-Dramas. I watched my first K-Drama back in 2006. I’m not to sure how I came to watch a Korean drama but I just did. My obsession originally started with “Infamous Chill Sisters” and then it followed with “Blissful Women”. I went through a “dry” spell when I went to college but I rediscovered K-Dramas with “Boys Over Flowers”.

24 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. It’s nice to meet you Britni, I’m NyNy! Just wanted to stop by and say I like your posts, I like opinionated posts on the Kpop industry. There needs to be more.

    I hope when you have the time, you can check out some of mine plus I’m still writing my travel entries when I went to Korea last year. I’d appreciate if you took a look 🙂

  2. Hey Britni!
    I was wondering whether you’d like to do a blog collaboration with me. Can you send me your email so we can talk together?

  3. Hello,

    I am a fellow Kpop Lover from Boston, MA. Your blog is a go to source for my kpop news and reviews I hope you keep posting frequently. I am writing to inquire if I could write a guest post for your blog. I am a recent graduate from Tufts University and I was thinking if I could write something about this new, under Korean Rapper Tokki who just posted his mixtape on

    In fact, he is one of my good friends whom I’ve known for long time.

    He worked with Taeyang, working on writing lyrics for Taeyang’s Ringa Linga.

    And since he is good friend of GD, GD and couple of us(friends of Tokki) are trying to spread words around and do promotion for his mixtape. You can check out GD’s recent tweet about this mixtape at GD’s twitter,

    Since I’ve known this guy for long time, know about his music and since this guy is in fact very good at what he does,
    I thought that this blog would be great channel for us to spread Tokki’s music to KPOP fans around the world!

    So let me know any thoughts on this, I would love to write something up.


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