EXO’luXion Here I Come!

Earlier today EXOs tickets for their US tour dates went on sale. It seems like less than ten minutes the concert was already sold out. Ten minutes before the starting time I was already sitting at my computer watching the count down for the sale to begin.


I never go alone to concerts and always bring someone with me. That someone happens to be my mom, but she enjoys it. I was trying to get two tickets together but when I finally got those two tickets the website froze and I had to refresh. Plus it froze multiple times before, between and after getting my tickets. I kept attempting to get two tickets but it was a fail. But I was able to get two separate tickets when I used my phone rather than the computer.

Me and my mom are going to the same concert but we will be sitting on opposite ends of the theatre. But the view isn’t bad from either seat. Hopefully this concert will let cellphones usage so we can still keep in touch during the concert if needed. I went to the same theatre for 2PM and Block B concerts. Phones were allowed in the 2PM concert but not the Block B one. I guess time will tell when we arrive at the venue and ushers attempt to tell us to put our phones away or not.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.37.04 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 10.37.13 PM

I was completely undecided if I wanted to go or not to the EXO concert. From what I put together just from internet experience that EXO fans can be quit crazy. I’m sure not all EXO fans are crazy just that the most vocal ones seem “crazy”. But If I did go I was going to buy the cheapest tickets which are the nose bled section. But depending on the price and the seat selection I would then decided. But with the tickets going fast I took what I would get. That would be nose bled seats on the sides.

But what surprised me about the Chicago concert is the size of the venue. I may not “claim” to be a EXO-L and admit how successful they actually are but with how popular they are I figured they would hold their concert in a bigger venue. I later went back and checked to see if they had any seats available. When I looked they had about 40 seats left. The capacity of the main floor is 2,214 and the capacity of the balcony is 2,062 plus the total of 44 wheelchair seating between both floors. I truly believe they could have sold out a bigger venue.

34 days and counting. Let the fun begin.

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